Monday, 9 January 2017

My Niece Hates Me | Daisy and Her Little Piggy.

I don't remember exactly how pregnant I was with my daughter Millie when my sister announced her pregnancy. To our delight she revealed the news with a positive pregnancy test she had pulled from her bag.

I don't know what I said to her when she delivered the news or how we offered our congratulations.

I don't remember much about the hours that followed or how we celebrated the revelation of a new growing human.

What I do remember, was how I instantly knew, the knowledge of my little sisters pregnancy, was the most beautiful, perfect news I would ever hear.

The euphoria that I felt when I realised my unborn baby girl would have a cousin only six months younger - a lifetime friend and companion.

The elation as we worked out her dates and discovered that our unborn children would be in the same school year and our squeals of excitement as we planned how to spend our maternity leave.

I remember my little sister's face as she explained their plans for the baby that was growing inside of her. Her grin was wide, her eyes were glossed - the gloss that comes just before you cry with happiness and her cheeks were flushed and pink. She looked like she had just discovered the entire world was in her corner.

We thought the situation was pretty fantastic. Me and my little sister, pregnancy buddies, and due to give birth within months of each other. A perfect scenario that we imagined couldn't be improved, until at her twenty week scan she discovered that her little bean was in fact a little GIRL!

The last weeks of my pregnancy flew by and on Sunday, 18th November at 5:20 am, Millie made her appearance. She weighed a chunky 8lb 14. One of her first visitors was my sister - Manda - and her growing bump. I watched her  hold and bond with my little girl and my excitement to meet my own niece grew.

The first few months of Millie's life seemed to go on forever and so did my sister's pregnancy; finally, exactly one day before Millie turned six-months-old and after putting my sister through a five-day-labour, my niece made her dramatic entrance into the world....... Daisy had arrived!

Now you probably expect at this point, for me to tell you about the first magical meeting between myself and Daisy. You may be expecting me to describe her as perfect and explain how I heard angels sing when I first held my niece.......... That's not the case!

When I first met Daisy I did look at her and think her doll like features were perfect. She did look like an angel, but, when I first held her.....Oh. My. Life! She screamed harder and louder than I have ever heard a new-born scream. She screamed and she screamed until I gave her back to her parents and then she stopped!! So I tried to hold her again and again she screamed until I gave her back.

Princess Daisy
"She's tired" we all agreed.

"She's probably hungry" we said.

I left after not getting to know my new niece very well.

Over the next few weeks I had ample opportunity to cuddle and bond with Daisy; although she never screamed as loud as that first time, she would always cry, fidget and moan until I handed her back.

As she grew, things between us got worse....

She started to smile, but not at me.

She started to laugh but not in my direction.

She started to speak but the only word she would say to me was 'NO' and would often follow it with an unexpected whack in the face with a doll or toy hammer.

Just before her first birthday she started to frown at me, yes, this 11-month-old frowned at me!! She has frowned at me ever since!

She refused to kiss or hug me unless I bribed her, and we're not just talking a bag of  jelly beans. This three-year-old wants diamonds, fake ones, but diamonds none the less.

I had almost given up hope and my dreams of been a 'cool aunt' to this little girl were starting to fade, when we had a small breakthrough. Daisy referred to me as 'her little piggy'. Now I wasn't overly impressed with been called a pig but knowing that she referred to me as 'hers' gave me hope. She could have referred to me as 'her little bitch' and I would still be happy.


Little Miss Daisy

I will take being your 'little piggy', I will take being anything, if I am 'yours' and part of your life.  
No matter how much you pretend to dislike me (I hope that it is pretend), I will always love you. 

Millie and Daisy
I love the way that every time I look at your brown pigtails and dark eyes, I'm transported back to my childhood and I'm looking at your mum.

I love that you have the attitude of a teenager and so much confidence to speak your mind.

I love how stubborn and sassy you are.

I love how much you make us all laugh with your fantastic one liners.

I love your little wiggle and the way you flick your hair.

I love the way you dance and perform with more passion and enthusiasm than someone three times your age.

I love that you are my little girl's best friend, that you hug her when she cries, that you hold her hand when she's lonely and that you reassure her when she's scared.

I love you Little Miss Daisy.

From your 'little piggy'

......And luckily for me, seven months ago my sister gave birth to a very beautiful and huge baby boy, he smiles at me constantly and laughs at my every word, so even if Daisy does hate me forever I still have a shot at been a cool auntie. Ha!          

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  1. Love this Kerry! Your writing style is lovely. And don't worry, i'm sure she'll realise how much she loves you as she grows older :)