Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Dear Leo....Im sorry

Dear Leo,

This morning you woke to the squeals and shouts of your little twin brothers. Your sleepy eyes greeted them with a smile, a laugh and an offer to play.

I told you to 'stop playing and hurry and get dressed.'

At breakfast you entertained Millie, Max and Bobby with your contagious laugh and the warmth of your heart.

I told you 'to hurry and eat'

During the shortness of our morning together you managed to tell a story; sing Millie's favourite songs; had your brothers and sister screaming with excitement and belly laughing on the floor.

I filled the washing machine and told you 'to calm down and put on your shoes'

Your boisterous playfulness followed you to the car and undeterred you played with the radio to find Christmas songs and asked a thousand questions.

I asked you to 'stop' I  asked you to 'ssshhh'

This evening after getting home from Millie's dance class you turned your bed into a pirate ship. You, Millie, Max and Bobby fought off the sharks and walked the plank.

I told you 'to hurry and have a shower'

You sat and listened to the little ones bed time stories and then asked if you could read them an extra one.

I said 'yes but hurry'

Tonight when the day was nearly over and there was nothing left to hurry for I tucked you into bed, your head older and wiser than eight years, rested on my shoulder, your eyes hazy and your smile sleepy. My beautiful little boy I should say 'Thank you' not 'stop' not 'hurry' and not 'ssshhh'

Thank you for the adventures that you take the little minds on. Thank you for the songs, the joy, the smiles and the knowledge that you provide. Thank you for being the reason that there is so much uncontrollable laughter in our home. Thank you for the magic that you bring to all our lives.

Tomorrow you can sing as much as you want. Laugh as loud as possible and play as hard as you can.

I promise not to hurry you, I promise not to shush you, I promise to join in and play.

I'm sorry for saying 'sssshhhh'

I love you mate.

Love Mummy x x x


  1. This brought a tear to my eye. I too am guilty of telling my children to hurry, to Shhh, to move out of the way when all they want to do is chat and play. I too will make more time to listen and play tomorrow!

    1. I think with such busy lives everyone is a little guilty of it. I have read this letter to Leo, so I don't think I will be getting away with it anymore!! Thank you for your lovely comment x