Saturday, 14 May 2016

Twins at nursery | My mini meltdown

Going back to work last year and putting the babies into nursery was not an easy decision for me to make. They have being attending nursery for almost a year now. If you asked them about their nursery experience over the last few months and they were able to communicate without sounding like my sixteen year old self after a bottle of 20/20, they would probably tell you that they had had an absolute ball. Childhood ailments, grazed knees and bite marks aside, they are usually just as enthusiastic when they arrive at nursery as they are when I collect them at the end of the day

For me it’s not quite lived up to the fun at the fair experience they have had! The first weeks (months) I was a nervous, emotional wreck, I’m sure I must have been their every other telephone call and I swear I used to feel their eyes rolling at me from the other end of the phone as I ‘Just called to check how they were all doing (again)?’

They have remained in the baby room since they started last July. I imagine that this is because the girls that care for them have fallen head over heels in love with Max’s boisterous charm and Bobby’s quirkiness so much that they just can’t bear to see them progress to the next room and nothing at all to do with the fact that they are worried about my sanity and how I would of dealt with the adjustment before now!

World Book Day at Nursery
I love that they are in the ‘Baby room’ I love that I drop them off to play with the other ‘Babies’ and I pick them up from the ‘Baby room’. They are my ‘Babies’. Dropping them off until recently has been a bit of a challenge. I carry them from the car to their class room in the morning, one in each arm, even though they both weigh probably as much as a small elephant. This is probably due to the fact that the only time they are not grazing is when they are sleeping. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan of childhood obesity but there quiet when they eat so that kind of swings it!

By the time I get into the safe confinements of the building and someone is offering to help, Max has usually fallen through my arms and I have him in a sort of headlock that Hulk Hogan would have been proud of. For the life of me I have no idea why I put me and them through this ordeal every morning. The babies have no problems walking to and from the car, they have had no problems walking for the last 5 months. They are probably so relieved to be walking and breathing in fresh air rather than suffering from asphyxiation, that they wouldn’t dare venture more than a cats whisker from my side for fear that I may lovingly try to carry them.

I have been through and my mental health has survived ‘the first year at nursery’ turmoil with firstly Leo and then Millie but with the babies it was so much harder. Double the stress, double the anxiety and double the time I have spent googling and obsessing over horror stories about childcare providers, but I think it’s safe to say over the last couple of months I have finally turned a corner. I have genuinely warmed to all the girls that care for Max and Bobby (I have always loved and admired everyone who has cared for Millie at the same nursery, probably because anyone that can deal with her sassiness on a daily basis without seriously losing their mind, is a complete legend in my book) At the end of this week I got the news that they are finally moving up into the next room. I cried like an idiot on hearing the news but I’m actually excited, my little sausages have experienced their first year at nursery!! I feel so proud that at the young age of just one they have been able to experience friendships and relationships outside of their family unit and hearing someone who only met them less than a year ago talk so excitedly about how Bobby helped to clear up or describe so enthusiastically Max’s laugh and his love of the outdoors, not only fills me with complete admiration for the girls caring for them but makes me feel a lot less guilty about my initial decision to return to work and leave them in the hands of strangers in the first place. I do though feel a slight tinge of jealousy when I hear about a new experience they have had, espescially when I have missed that experience because I was at work doing a job that I’m far from passionate about. (Blogpost more about that soon) but there are both thriving and loving the adventures that their days at nursey bring and ultimately their happiness is what matters. I am pretty confident that this new chapter in their young lives is going to prove just as fun and exciting for them as the last few months in the baby room and I am also certain that it’s going to prove just as stressful for me!!
Best of Friends

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