Thursday, 17 September 2015

My Accident and Their Achievments!

When I first started this blog a few months back now I had a very idealistic view of how I would document all those important milestones, I would be able to freeze those moments in pictures and on paper and as my children grew they would be able to look back and have a clear and defined timeline of their very young years. Every little thing that they do I remind myself to make sure I have a camera for the next time that they do it or I make a plan in my head to make time to write about it but as every Mother of small children knows we always have the very best intentions to get things done!
Its only because I am sitting here in a weirdly, silent home (Leos at school, Our Princess and the Babies our at nursery) when I should be at work ( I fell down the stairs and tore a ligament in my knee!!!)that I am thinking about my little monkeys and everything they have achieved over the summer.
So Leo, Princess and Our Babies here our some of  your summer 2015 achievements!!

In no particular order…….

Leo lost his two front teeth…. And a couple from the bottom too! (In the eyes of a 7 year old this is an achievement)

My Little Gummy Bear

Now the tooth fairy was not on form this summer when visiting our house! The first couple of teeth came out on the same day but Leo  dropped one down the sink when trying to clean it to further increase its value so he left her a note to explain the situation ands left the other tooth under his pillow. The tooth fairy came but only left £2 apparently not nearly enough for the value of  a tooth never mind two teeth she obviously hadn’t read the note. The next  tooth lost was when he was staying at my mums house, the tooth fairy turned up that night left the money but forgot to take the tooth so my little entrepreneur was able to sell it to her again once he got home!!

Our youngest Baby (Bobby) took his first steps……………
He has been standing for a while now and has scratched most of the living room floor by using various large objects as walking aids, but one Sunday afternoon he did it! He waked about three steps towards me. My super clever baby!!

The Babies

…………and our oldest Baby (Max) stood up and clapped!!!

I don’t know if it was the screams that came from me or the laughs of delight from Leo, but Max knew that his little brother was doing something special so stood up to give him around of applause! One to defiantly stay on my cutest memories list.

Our Princess Went to her first ballet lesson!
Our Princess and Beautiful Daisy
I had been so excited for this moment forever. Weeks before her very first dance class at The Performance Studios I went shopping and got her ballet uniform, leotard, ballet skirt, tights, ballet shoes, a dance cardigan and even a gorgeous little pink headband for her hair! I spoke to our princess excitedly explaining what would happen on her first lesson, about how she would learn to dance and all the new friends that she would make. My enthusiasm rubbed off and she was super excited too! That was until we got there and most of the other children were a lot older than our beautiful little two year old. She sat on my knee for the majority of the lesson with her fingers in her mouth looking absolutely petrified. Her cousin Daisy had a fabulous time but our princess just did not want to join in! Mr S took her to the lesson the following week and with the help of Miss Caroline who is an amazing dance teacher and fantastic with the children our princess has started to participate in the lessons. To say I am excited about her starring in The Performance Studios Christmas Performance is an understatement. I am not a pushy parent and my children can make their own decisions in life but my daughter is going to be a ballerina!

And I managed to return to work after my maternity leave……

I was always planning on returning to work after having the babies. I absolutely love and adore every (most) moment I spend with them! But I take my hat off to stay at home mums! Its just something that I have never considered I enjoy the routine of work and love the fact that I miss my kids when I am not there! Lots of people however didn’t expect me to return, they probably read my post The School Run aka Morning Madness and concluded that I would be bonkers to chuck getting ready for work into that mix. They were  probably right but I have managed to return……………

However I have only been back at work a couple of weeks and managed to tear a ligament in my knee by tripping on the stairs (this was obviously everyone's fault but mine, the babies are nearly one for goodness sake they shouldn’t be leaving their nursery bag on the stairs!!!)

But that very careless accident, apart from resulting in a morning at A&E, has enabled me to achieve writing this post and promising myself that I am going to cherish every single milestone from this point forward. Even if that does include a double dose of the terrible twos in twelve months time!

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