Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Stoke Pride - Schools Out!

Schools out!! It’s been out for four days now and the plan to make sure we leave the house to participate in a constructive activity every single day of the holidays has not quite got off the ground! So far the school holidays have consisted of

·      Attending Stoke Pride (grown-ups not kids) and getting very drunk for the hen party of two of our gorgeous friends, Jodie and Katie. They are due to marry each other in September and we are super excited to be part of their special day.


·       Replacing Sunday lunch with a trip to McDonalds, a treat for the kids and nothing to do with the hangover from hell!


·        Disney DVDS, I’m actually watching the princess and the frog for the third time today whilst writing this and Leo and our princess our nowhere to be seen.


·        My favourite…… Cleaning spaghetti bolognaise off the walls and floor after the babies decided they were not keen on eating it!

Because I want our 7 year old to have more to report back to school than just food disasters and his parents alcohol habits, I am going to (try to)  plan some amazing days out.

I did ask both Leo and our Princess what they would like to do over the next seven weeks if they could choose anything. Leo made a list a few pages long which consisted of various outings including Disney World, going inside a space rocket, a visit to the beach and a lake, so I am going to plan our days out based on his suggestions! I will report back and let you know how successful I was at keeping all four children entertained over the summer!

Our Princesses response to what she would like to do was simply ‘PARTY!!!’


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