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Twin Birth Story - From Bump to Births!

By the time it came for me to give birth to our new babies I was huge! I was also uncomfortable, miserable and desperate for the babies to be delivered safely into the world.

I had a lot of scans throughout this pregnancy to monitor their growth and it was during the final scan a couple of weeks before I was due to be induced that they had found our first baby to be breech. Having a c section was something I had been keen to avoid! The birth of my older children hadn’t gone to ‘plan’ and in my mind this was my last attempt to get it right!

I felt completely defeated, I wanted to have some input into how my babies were brought into this world and this didn’t seem like it was going to happen. I really wanted to have a ‘normal’ delivery I don’t know why I felt so passionate about it!! I remember the midwife describing the first time I gave birth as a ‘normal delivery.’ I honestly thought she was joking. There was nothing normal about it. If she had described it as the worst possible delivery in the history of the universe I may of agreed but for it to be described as 'normal'?? I actually sat there in front of her and explained every detail of my first labour expecting a response of ‘Oh sorry, my mistake that was not a normal delivery’ but she just smiled and nodded!!!!!

The second time I gave birth started off a lot better Mr S was by my side I was calm, puffing away on the gas and air….. But it quickly went downhill and again it could only be describes as pure hell!
So this, birthing the twins, was my very last attempt at this lovely normal delivery!

My prayers were answered and two days before my section another scan revealed our first baby was now head down.


I was elated! Now don’t misunderstand me I’m not someone who wants a natural, no pain relief, listening to whale noise kind of birth. I just didn’t want a section or an epidural!! I was quite happy to take all the other drugs the NHS would offer me! I knew it was going to hurt and after not so much as a sniff of wine for 9 months I was quite looking forward to getting a bit high on the gas and air!

I was booked in to be induced two days later just short of 38 weeks pregnant. I would have loved to have gone into labour naturally but after months of pain and no sleep I just wanted them out.

So T day arrived! We made a phone call to the hospital to find out what time they wanted us only to be told they didn’t know! They didn’t have room. Now the best course of action at this point would have been to do what the lovely midwife had advised us to do and that was to wait at home until they were ready for me. But I was desperate! Very desperate! I didn’t want to wait! I felt I couldn’t  physically wait another split second. So we made our way to the hospital. I convinced Mr S that they had obviously not realised I was having twins and they obviously didn’t realise how big and uncomfortable I was and once they saw me they would take pity and would call every Midwife, Consultant and Doctor within 100 mile radius to deliver the babies because there was no way I could wait a second longer and to leave me like this was a breach of my human rights!!

So we got to the hospital I explained the situation with great urgency…. and then we waited and waited and waited and at 9 pm after 50 plastic cups of water and the babies been monitored for the hundredth times they still didn’t have space for us. At this point I did have a slight meltdown and told anyone who would listen they didn’t have a clue how uncomfortable or how much pain I was experiencing and no one had any idea because I had suffered the worst pregnancy ever! One of the lovely midwives did take pity on me and sent me home with kind words, strong painkillers and the assurance that I would be at the top of the induction list the following morning!

At 5 am the next morning Mr S went to Tesco to do some shopping!?! I was getting ready to go back to the hospital as I stepped out of the bath my waters broke!! I was so blinking happy, no waiting round at the hospital today!! Mr S was soon frantically running through the front door Tesco bags in hand packing his snack box for the hospital and grabbing old towels on the way back out to make sure I didn’t ruin the car seats!

We arrived at the hospital and were shown to the twin delivery suite. It was a lot bigger than the rooms at the hospital I had previously given birth in. I was hooked up to a drip to kick start my contractions and not long after I had a visit from a consultant, an anaesthetist and erm I actually have no clue who the rest were apart from the Midwife. I remember them recommending an epidural and I felt like they were trying to be very persuasive. They told us that I needed one sooner rather than later as our second baby was obviously breech and if he didn’t turn around after delivering our first baby I may of needed a section or they would have to physically turn him. Mr S was sold. He was practically ordering the epidural before they had left the room. But I really, really didn’t want it.

Our wonderful midwife was the only person who agreed it was entirely my choice and I’m so grateful now that I had her on side and she helped me to come to the decision not to have one, a decision that seemed right for me.

Around 1pm my contractions started to become more intense and I had gas and air to help which it did a lot! Around the same time Mr S had started to run out of snacks so he made the decision to nip to McDonalds whilst in his words ‘not a lot was happening!’

Everything went pretty much to plan for the next few hours and I was coping pretty well. It was around tea time when It got really intense. Now this was the part where I did the whole,

I can’t carry on!

I have had enough!

Get them out I want it to stop!

This is all you fault!

After been examined and having a shot of Pethidine which calmed me right down, I was back on track. That was around 6pm and I was told they would examine me again in 4 hour's time .

It didn’t take that long. 30 minutes later I needed to have these babies and it was then that I realised why the delivery room was so big it was for the 100 people that came to watch me give birth. Our first beautiful boy was born at 7.12pm weighing 6lb 14. Before your children our born you love them, you imagine the moment that you hold them for the first time and imagine it to be perfect but it’s so much more. I felt like I was going to burst looking down at this tiny bundle of absolute perfection!

Shortly after our next beautiful boy was ready to be born. I looked across the room as they whisked our first baby away and it seemed so vast, he was with two doctors but I desperately wanted Mr S to go and be with him. He didn't. He stood holding my hand reassuring me and waiting for our next baby to be born. Our second beautiful boy was born 20 minutes later weighing 6lb11 he was so beautiful with the most perfect little nose and beautiful dark hair.

Holding my two baby boys so close to me after giving birth to them was unforgettable. I felt so incredibly blessed and lucky. I am so thankful that I got to have the sort of birth I had hoped for even if it did take me three attempts!!

My Beautiful Boys!
When you find yourself pregnant and preparing for the birth of your child you will receive enough advice to write a book. Out of all the advice that I received during all three pregnancies the most useful was:
  • Be open minded - Sometimes things just don't go to plan.
  • Sometimes you know what's best for you - I am so glad I made my own decision not to have an epidural.
  • Pack enough snacks - or your husband/partner may abandon you for a trip to McDonalds!!

Max and Bobby x x

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